From defining business goals to operations itself

We aim to not only have our customers be present on the web but also have them achieve their goals while doing so. Following the determination of business needs and goals, we design development methods in accordance with customer needs and interests. As a customer, you will have a clear insight to actual project status along the milestones set together. You can see results first-hand without having to wait until the end of the development cycle.


We analyse business processes in relation to your product. As business goals have been determined, the aim is to define the scope of services and functions to support achieving those goals. Specific business needs are discussed during the analysis while results are being delivered at a later stage.


This service is to deliver a user interface design that is necessary to reach all product functions. Besides user interface design itself – available for mobile phone, tablet and desktop – we also provide research and graphic design solutions.

When it comes to user interface for mobile phones and tablets, we have tremendous experience at our disposal both in terms of responsive and adaptive approaches. Only the investigation of the given development can tell which approach is to use.

For us, user interface design never ends with the acceptance of product visualization. Upon completing the project, we continually monitor numbers and user feedbacks in order to fine-tune the user interface.


We provide SEO analysis/planning for new or existing products. Results achieved from this methods will partly be built into the requirements list of new or existing products. They also include recommendations to follow by using alternative methods. Link building strategy is one of the methods.

When it comes to developments for wide audiences, we offer regular consultation session to achieve an effective customer reachability along with the development of a fast, SEO-optimized code.


Thanks to a precisely documented and commented code in line with current standards and technological guidelines, final products offer no unpleasant surprises. When developing, we always strive for the highest quality whilst ensuring all code quality recommendations are followed. Our goal is to produce long-term, sustainable products therefore we pay special attention to the followings:

  • easy-to-modify product without the need for software development
  • easy to further develop
  • operational costs are at minimum

  • We select a technology that guarantees the most stable and reliable operation – followed by gaining insight into customer needs and project specifics:

  • Backend technologies: PHP 7, Python, C#, Java, Go
  • Frontend: Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Geoinformatics: Leaflet, Google Maps, Mapbox, PostGIS
  • DB technologies: MySql, MsSql, PostgreSql, MongoDB
  • We strongly believe that information gathered from data is one of the most important value is today’s business. As a consequence, we prefer to make sound decisions based on data during the planning and follow-up process. There is a reason for having numerous measurements built into the products we deliver. This way our customers learn a great deal about usability of the product and its potential further development needs.


    The basis of long term customer relationships is the fact that we remain at our partner’s disposal in operation or product development long after the successful completion of the project.

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