Website analytics & Big Data & Business IntelligenceInformation to make sound business decisions

In order to provide the ultimate solution to our customers, it is indispensable to have reliable data as the basis of our development, both in terms of planning and implementation.

Many companies make the mistake to develop a software based on non-reliable data therefore the final product is unable to meet the expectations. We always make sure to deliver successful and sustainable products to drive long-term customer satisfaction. We strongly believe that success comes from having reliable information and cooperating with our customers during product planning while continuously monitor its efficiency.

This service of data research consists of measurements and data mining practices. At the end of the research, we provide an analysis which contributes to the effective planning of product development.

Analysis of business processes

We analyse what sort of tools there are to achieve business goals and what is the most efficient way to achieve them.

Analysis of users

What is the composition of users? Where do they come from? How do they behave? Where are we losing them? We apply measurements and analyse data to answer the above questions.

Analysis of product

What sort of product should be developed in order to achieve our goals? What are the competitors we have to face? We follow product planning in accordance with data and existing „best practices.”

Measurement of product efficiency

A continuous product efficiency monitoring is required to achieve business goals. We provide a built-in measurement system which is continuously there to monitor product efficiency. By using these measurements, product efficiency can be further developed with the help of optimization, new functions or even with a customized recommender systems.

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