Automated marketing solutionsEfficient solutions to reach customers and potential customers

Following a successful development, the secret to success is a spectacular product launch and an effective communication. We provide support for both even after the closing of the development cycle. By the integration of automated marketing tools we provide quick and cost-efficient solutions to our partners in the following fields:

  • Automated e-mail marketing
  • Integration of internal and external intelligent recommender systems
  • Mass or customized push messages
  • Integration of CRM systems
  • Automated social media marketing solutions

Automated e-mail marketing
The automated e-mail marketing system sends out pre-written emails without manual intervention as a reaction to certain events or user behaviours. The application of automated e-mail marketing results in a significant improvement in e-mail campaign efficiency. Receiving customized e-mails with perfect timing will make subscribers feel valued and unique. All in all, automated e-mail marketing methods increase commitment towards the product.

Integration of internal and external intelligent recommender systems
Recommender systems are specialized information filtering systems that build user and product profiles based on algorithms. Moreover, based on the models built this way, they recommend contents to user that are likely to be relevant for them. Recommender systems provide alternatives not only for search methods but for discovery of new products and contents. The search is direct and driven therefore users should have an idea what to look for in the first place. Recommender systems are there to display customized, interesting content that are unreachable via other search methods as they are outside of searching „comfort zone.”

Mass or customized push messages
A push message is a real-time notification received by the user through the web browser even if the user is not logged into the web site at the given moment. Following the authorization on the web site, notifications are displayed in the bottom right corner with logo or photo and with a text message attractive enough to click on. The reachability of web push messages is extremely high as the message is displayed on the dashboard in each case, it reaches the user’s visuals and results in click-through in many cases, should the message be attractive. Similarly to emails, push messages can also be customized in order to further enhance the efficiency of marketing methods.

Integration of CRM systems
A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a combination of tools to facilitate to the cooperation with customers and potential customers, including customer acquisition, marketing, sales and customer service. Having a CRM system means having a centralized data base of customers accessible by every single employee so they can log new sales opportunities, prior customer relationships or customer-related tasks. In case customer information is stored in a single and structured data set, employees can cooperate with customers and with one another more efficiently and successfully.

Automated social media marketing solutions
The automation of social media marketing provides the opportunity to integrated management of several social media profiles, to systematic storage of content and their timed display. Besides the functions listed above, systems specialized in automated social media marketing also deliver effective tools to measure and evaluate the results of social media campaigns. By using automated social media marketing solutions you can save time and energy along with frequent posting and re-posting of content in order to increase the efficiency of communication and the rate of click-troughs.

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