Web UX & UI

Having a successful product is unimaginable without proper user interface. By relying on the help of thorough research and analysis we can design a user interface for your service that is not only ergonomically flawless but also responds to the tastes and needs of several user groups.


User interview & briefing
During user interviews we assess the different business needs and goals of customers and based on all that, we determine target groups for the service. A detailed briefing follows suit on the basis of the results from the user interview. A brief specifies the business goals to achieve and the planning process necessary for a road to success.

Best practice research, competitor analysis
What sort of competitors do you have to face with your product? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors? In what way do they offer a better product? What are the best practices of the given market segment? By answering these questions, we provide customized solutions that are a key element in the success of a product and in the achievement of business goals.

Information architecture (IA) design
We design the architecture, the side structure and the navigation panel for your product in a way that is easy-to-use for your target audience. Once IA design is completed, there will be a clear picture on what sort of functions and content is required for the product to meet determined business goals.

Customer journey design
We map the journey your customers may take while discovering your product. We also predict from what direction of data traffic your users may arrive. We measure the factors that either support or block users from easy success while using your product. The ultimate goal is to design an easy-to-use, consistent and ergonomic product.


Wireframe design
Based on information gathered during the phase of research, we provide a blueprint for user interface design and fine-tune it in cooperation with the company in order to find the ultimate solution. Wireframes created during the phase of design will show the architecture and the proportion of individual sites, contain the finalized text content and the exact location of given services.

Prototype preparation
In case features of the product make it necessary, a design-free, clickable prototype might be created based on the finalized wireframes. This way we can reassure that our user interface is truly designed to meet the defined targets. If necessary, the user interface can be further fine-tuned based on the experienced gathered during prototype testing.


Determination of key visual motives
We determine the colours, shapes and emoticons best fitting to product characteristics and the taste of the target audience in a close cooperation with the company. By adding the element of emotions to the product we make sure that not only it is easy-to-use but easy-to-love as well.

Design planning
Relying on results from prior design and research phases, we prepare visualization design for the product, illustrating user interfaces on pixel level. The final result is a product that is ergonomically impeccable and leaves a great impression in users.

Style guide and compilation of the UI kit
This document contains a detailed guide regarding colours, fonts, font sizes and interface elements used in product design. By applying the style guide, future design changes and developments will be in accordance with original product visualization.


For us, unlocking full potential of the user interface never ends with product launches. By using built-in measurements of the user interface, we continually monitor user habits and behaviours, while the analysis of numbers gives the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for future product development. In order to ensure the most efficient product development in terms of usability, we test several solutions (A/B testing, multi variant testing). We can also support the optimization of already existing websites in order to achieve higher conversion rates and more efficient products.

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