Software quality always comes first

Our mission is to deliver a fast, cost-efficient and sustainable software to our partners, one that has software testing as main pillar.

Nowadays software development has become an ever-changing and even more complex profession. Continuous and high quality software development is a prerequisite to the success of a product. Consequently, software testing is one of the main pillars of software testing.

Beyond full-scale custom software development, we also provide software testing for products developed by third party. It is worth having an objective external partner for software testing of existing products, as having a fresh insight may bring flaws to the surface, flaws that have been overlooked by the original development team.


One base for a long-term quality management might be a carefully planned automated testing system. Such system is designed to quickly discover software bugs in a cost-efficient way, while:

  • minimizing the number of errors in live products
  • speeding up the development process
  • supporting the discovery of bugs in early stages
  • ensuring capability to monitor existing products

By using our automated testing system our partners gain real-time reassurance that the core functions of their web pages, web-based services and web shops are in operation and accessible for users at all times.

Upon the installation of testing scripts, there is no need to be concerned about having been notified of errors only days later. Such errors can, for example, make it impossible for users to put products into their charts in web stores. A discrepancy like this causes a direct loss of revenue, not to mention it irrevocably destroys the image of the service among the users.

The first step of troubleshooting is to get notified about the errors as soon as possible. It seems like an impossible challenge, even in case of a simple website, to manually test each function of the site in every single second in order to ensure usability. Take the example described above: once we created an automated testing script for one of our partners, it has the capability to check real-time whether a product can be selected / put into user chart or not, so the partner will be automatically notified, would such scenario happen.

Quick Setup

There is no need to apply modification to your website or web-based system in order to prepare and install automated testing. You do not need to worry about generating extra tasks/overtime for your employees or subcontractors. We are in charge of testing preparations and scheduled setups without the requirement to slight modifications or temporary shutdown of systems.

Naturally, we provide the opportunity for our partner to perform automated testing and setup by their own employees. In this case, automated scripts are handed over with documentation and installation guide. If requested, a personal consultation session is also available.

Direct insight to service operations

Results from automated testing are illustrated in a comprehensive and practical approach through our internally designed dashboard interface not only for software developers but for business stakeholders as well. The interface is always customized to given service or website and contains operation parameters of core functions.

In case you would like to gain real-time reassurance whether registration or login function works for your service, all you need to know is to open the customized dashboard (available on mobile phone as well) to see results. By using the dashboard, you can make sure whether already spotted errors have been corrected by your employees or subcontractors. You receive real-time data on whether the failing function has already been corrected or it is still under correction.

In case any error occurs in service operations, our partner will immediately be notified through the dashboard as opposed to having to wait for a user complaint. As part of the automated testing system, e-mail, push message or SMS will be sent to partners, should the script discover any errors is service operations.


Manual testing is a prerequisite of product development. Within its scope, we test not only functions most popular among users, but we also aim to discover potential design fitting discrepancies. The most efficient way to do so is the comparison of all design plans with the final product by using human resource. We perform this manual testing on every device and every browser that our partner requires.

When performing manual testing – if necessary – we provide UX and SEO consultancy session in order to support our partners’ mission to a more efficient and more perfect service.

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