Search engine optimization (SEO)Quick and carefully designed website for the most hits

A website carefully designed in terms of technology and content is a core requirement to success in the field of search engine optimization. Websites designed by our company follow every single recommendation of newest technologies in order to ensure that search engines work efficiently.

We provide search engine optimization for already existing web sites as well, both in terms of consultancy or implementation. We offer the following solutions:

  • Design and optimization of internal link network
  • Analysis of relevant key words
  • Analysis of key word density
  • SEO consultancy for content development
  • HTML source code analysis
  • Adding structured data sets
  • Performance optimization and enhancement of website speed
  • Analysis of server logos
  • Filtering incorrect links and web sites

Design and optimization of internal link network
Besides having external links redirecting to web sites, having an internal link network is another important factor of search engines optimization. By using internal link network we enable search engines to better understand what relevant content is and by doing so, all relevant content of the web site becomes reachable. A carefully planned internal link network is not only crucial for search engines but also for users so its significance is not exclusively for SEO but for UX and navigation as well.

Analysis of relevant key words
The most fundamental element of search engine optimization is the determination of those key words and expressions that are likely to be searched for by target audience. By orchestrating the list of key words we pay attention to what sort of competitors we have to face in order to reach a prestigious ranking.

Analysis of key word density
Once we discovered what sort of key words and expressions we should use to optimize the web site, we measure the frequency and the location of their occurrence. The more frequently and on the more significant surfaces a given key word appears (in the right environment), the more relevant it will be defined by search engines.

SEO consultancy for content development
High quality content attracts not only users, but it is also crucial in terms of search engine optimization. Simply accumulating key words in and of itself will not deliver long-term results if it is not paired with relevant content. Unique, interesting and carefully edited content is useful for search engines and enjoyable for users.

HTML source code analysis
A web site with SEO efficiency must be flawless both in terms of content and technology. Basically, search engines work with the HTML source code of the web site therefore every relevant standard and recommendation should be followed.

Adding structured data sets
Using structured data sets is a prerequisite to the so-called rich appearance which makes it possible for a website to appear in Google search list with extra information available. Even if your web site will not land as the first Google search result, it will gain higher attention and be displayed in a more attractive form next to the web sites of competitors.

Performance optimization and enhancement of web site speed
Similarly to users, search engines prefer web sites with great speed and reliability. In case a web site works intermittently or loads way too slow, search engines might ignore it. We provide development and consultancy to enhance speed and reliability of your website, hence improve the user experience.

Analysis of server log files
In several cases, log files of web site servers offer a great deal of efficiency to identify search engine optimization problems. The analysis of server log files show clear results on the performance of search engines, their time spent on the websites and the potential discrepancies they face. A thorough analysis of log files reveals whether there are server errors or wrong redirects.

Filtering incorrect links and websites
In case a website has a great number of incorrect links or non-functioning web sites, then it will manifest in weaker Google search results. We provide support not only to filter these errors but to correct them as well.

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